Directdeed offer you the easy way to create and register your Australian company. 

You are just three steps away to get all your Australian registered company documents, our user friendly interface will help you to get register your company and we notify you the Company’s ACN including the Certificate of Registration.

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Do I have to register the Company or the Business Name (Trading Name)?
  • A Company is a separate legal entity and is governed by constitution of the company. After registering company you will be issued a unique, 9 digit Australian Company Number (ACN).
  • Business name / trading name is optional for any business entity if they want to have separate trading name under that business entity. You can seek independent advise from accountants and solicitors and if intend to register separate trading name than you need to contact online providers or ASIC.
  • After registering the company or business / trading name you need to apply for 11 digit Australian Business Number (ABN) which is governed by Australian Tax Office (ATO). Speak to your accountant or seek help from ATO.
Who is eligible to register the Company?
  • Anybody over age 18.
  • One should not be bankrupt  
  • At least one director should be the Australian Resident.

How to choose the Company name?
  • You can choose your own company name as per ASIC regulation and it should not be identical to existing / registered company with ASIC.  
  • If you want to have separate trading / business name than your company name than you need to register trading / business name separately with ASIC.  
  • You can check the name availability on the below link.

How can I decide the company type?
  • End up with PTY : with unlimited liability
  • End up with PTY LTD : Limited Liability
  • Trustee company for SMSF

What information do I need to register the company?

An Australian registered Office address.
For Director or Secretary
  • Full Name (ACN for corporate shareholder)
  • Residential Address
  • Date of Birth and Place
For Shareholder (if any)
  • Full Name (ACN for corporate shareholder)
  • Residential Address
  • Date of Birth and Place
  • Number and class of shares, paid and unpaid amount and whether or not the share will be held beneficially.

After successful registration, what types of documents I will be provided?

After successful registration of the company you will received the following documents, subjects to change the ASIC rules.
  • Certificate of Registration and Australian Company Number (“ACN”)
  • Constitution
  • Minutes and Consents
  • Instructions
  • Invoices
  • From 21